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  • Armonk Chamber of Commerce

    "Promoting Local Businesses and Connecting them with our Community"

  • The Armonk Chamber proudly serves the business community of North Castle merchants and service providers. Each year, our popular community events bring together member businesses with local residents, creating memories and a town-wide appreciation of everything Armonk has to offer.  While offering our members many ways to stay connected, we also support local charities, school scholarships and town organizations.  We sincerely hope that you will shop local and take advantage of the fabulous stores, services and food establishments in Armonk, Banksville and North White Plains.

    See you around town!


  • Chamber Events

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      Mike Schiliro and Ira Schulman
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      Byram Hills Education Foundation
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  • Thanks to all of our 2019 Citizen of the Year Sponsors and Attendees

    Honoring Ira Schulman and the Byram Hills Education Foundation

    Thanks also to Whippoorwill Club for their fantastic service and support!


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  • 2019 Byram Hills High School Scholarship 

    Armonk Chamber of Commerce

    Excellence in Business Award Winner

    Gregory Skriloff



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