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    • Armonk-House-Chili-Winner.jpg
      Armonk House--Winner Best Chili in Armonk
    • Restaurants-that-participated-in-Chili-Cookoff.JPG-w675.jpg
      Participant Restaurants in Chili Cookoff
    • Beehive-Chili-Winner.jpg
      Beehive--Winner Best Chili in Armonk
    • Armonk-Square-Chili-Scene-w900.jpg
      Chili Cookoff Scene in Armonk Square; June 15th 2017
    • Dad-and-child-Chili-Participant-w653.jpg
      Chili Cookoff Participants
    • Powderfinger-Band-at-chili-cookoff-w900.jpg
      "Powderfinger" Band at Chili Cookoff
    • Beehive.jpg
    • Chef-Russell-from-Armonk-House-.jpg
      Armonk House
    • De-Cicco.jpg
      DeCicco & Sons
    • Moderne-Barn.jpg
      Moderne Barn
    • Fortina.jpg
    • La-Mer.jpg
      La Mer
  • Thanks to all the fabulous Armonk food establishments that participated in the Chili Cook-off at the Armonk Chamber's Third Thursday event on June 15th. They added some spice to our vibrant community celebration. It was a very tough choice, but the people's choice awards went to The Beehive and Armonk House.

    Hope to see everyone next month, July 20th, for our Classic Car show at St. Stephen's, with music and activities in Armonk Square, and specials throughout town! www.armonkchamberofcommerce.com

  • Chalk Art Winners from May 18th Third Thursday

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    • Chalk-art-winner-2.JPG
    • Chalk-Art-winner-3.JPG
    • Chalk-art-winner-4.JPG
  • Inside Armonk and Upcoming Armonk Events Inside Armonk and Upcoming Armonk Events

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  • Armonk Connect 2017 Armonk Connect 2017

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